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The Sikhote-Alin was a witnessed meteorite fall in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains. An iron meteoroid of about 100 tons entered the Earth's atmosphere on February 12, 1947. During atmospheric flight the body broke up into many smaller fragments which formed beautifully shaped meteorites (so called individuals). Further explosions low in the atmosphere or on impact formed the so-called shrapnel, which are ragged-shaped meteorites with sharp corners. On Sun.org we sell both types of Sikhote-Alin meteorites: individuals and shrapnel.

Sikhote Alin - 144.3 g
Name Sikhote Alin - 144.3 g
Price sold
Weight 144.3 grams
Size 61 mm x 41 mm x 33 mm
Item number 88
Sikhote-Alin 169.6 g
Name Sikhote-Alin 169.6 g
Price 879 EUR
Weight 169.6 grams
Size 58 mm x 50 mm x 19 mm
Item number 128
Sikhote-Alin 78.6 g
Name Sikhote-Alin 78.6 g
Price 379 EUR
Weight 78.6 grams
Size 41 mm x 33 mm x 29 mm
Item number 146
Sikhote-Alin 107.4 g
Name Sikhote-Alin 107.4 g
Price 499 EUR
Weight 107.4 grams
Size 45 mm x 39 mm x 30 mm
Item number 141
Sikhote-Alin 119.8 g
Name Sikhote-Alin 119.8 g
Price sold
Weight 119.8 grams
Size 55 mm x 45 mm x 16 mm
Item number 123
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