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Here you'll find everything that doesn't match a classical category. Images, ideas, comparisons etc. from a slightly different point of view. Just have a look.


In the past years we have discovered thousands of exoplanets. For some of them we have enough information to get a good impression of how they might appear. Take a look at these beautiful exoplanet images to see the diversity of planets in other stellar systems.
A different night sky

See fantastic images of our night sky with our moon substituted by the planets of our solar system. You can compare these views with the actual views that can be seen from one of Jupiter´s, Saturn´s or Neptune´s moons.
A different night sky

In just a few words: there will be new telescopes in the next decade which will exceed the capabilities of the current ones by far. Even the Hubble Space Telescope will look outdated.
Future telescopes

Grab your red-green 3D glasses and you will be surprised at how impressive the images that we show you in this section of our online museum are.
3D images